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Why Is Norway Giving This Nut a Platform?

Just Shut Up!
He reads from a 13 page manifesto.  Wonder how the victims’ families react to this. Maybe they’ve been so “neutralized” by decades of enlightened socialism that they think it’s civilized.

Murder 77, Serve 21
Justice, justice shall you pursue. Unless you’re a socialist in Norway.

As Predicted, American with Disabilities Act a Lawsuit Bonanza
Even the NYT can’t ignore it.

Our Legal World
This country may sue itself into oblivion.

The Leftist Attack Machine
They’ve successfully targeted another conservative organization. As usual business advances to the rear. How come they never mouse out when it comes to supporting some Leftist organization?

Some Party
2 girls for every guy. Was it worth it?

GSA Official: Didn’t Know It was Taxpayers’ Money
I have no doubt he’s telling the truth. And that’s the problem.–finance.html

GSA: We Work for the Gov’t So We’re Entitled
Timely especially in light of the Coburn interview yesterday.

What If We Had Developed ANWR Ten Years Ago?
We’d be reaping massive benefits. Now we’re reaping nothing.

Cost of Batteries for Electric Cars Shockingly Expensive
So are electric cars.

Student Loans Crowd Out Marriage and Family
The cost of college is pure madness.