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The news Behind the Liberal Bias 3/13/12


200 Rockets Hit Israel
Who but the Jewish State would stand for this for one second?–abc-news.html

Hillary Equates Battle for Women’s Rights in Arab World with Battle in US
There are extremists everywhere. What’s the difference between the Taliban and Christian conservatives? Okay, there’s a certain matter of degree, But how much?

This is why the LEFT is so dangerous. They can’t recognize Real Evil.

The Not So Golden State
You don’t have to look to Greece; just look out the window. Lots of great facts.

McGurn: The Jihad against Republicans
The Left liberally equates Republican policies with Radical Islam. A very strong column with excellent examples.

Moderate Muslim: Christian Iranian Pastor Must Live
Koran never says anything about death penalty for leaving the faith. Really? So, what happened?

Justice Dept Blocks ID Law
I find it mind boggling that anyone would object to having to show an ID to vote.

WSJ Draws the Obvious Conclusion
This is pure politics.

Soledad O’Brien Tries to Expert Her Way Out of Pollak Interview
Puts on law professor to whitewash Derrick Bell and CRT.  But the expert is so bad the hole only gets deeper.

Swiss Voters Say No to Longer Holidays
The trade unions were pushing six weeks. Wonder what would have happened if this vote had been five years ago. Or maybe the Swiss have common sense and that’s why their currency is so strong.

Afghan Parliament: Passions Flare over Massacre
The usual wild conspiracy charges thrown around. What’s going to happen after the funerals? One shudders.

PETA: Animal Killers
Their “kill rate” for animals entrusted to their care is extremely high. Hardly a biased source.


New Egypt, A Sharia Egypt
A long interview with the most powerful man in the country. Doesn’t offer much hope.

LA Times Agitates Again to Abolish Death Penalty
This and same sex marriage are their perennial issues.,0,687541.story

We Need More Government Not Less; Like Government Mandated Starbucks
Here’s a facetious and clever piece from the WSJ.