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Oct 10, 2013

A Short Term Fix for Shutdown and Debt Ceiling in Offing
Assuming the President’s will accept anything aside from total surrender.
WSJ: During Shutdown Far Fewer Regulations Added
To the Federal register. Striking. Keep the good times rolling.
Welcome the New Keynesian FED chief.
Janet Yellen hates free markets, so she was the obvious Obama choice.
White House and IRS Swapped Confidential Info
For political purposes, according to the latest information. I keep waiting for this scandal to explode.

Anti Bullying Programs Lead to More Bullying
Schools with no programs do better.
The National Park Shutdown is Itself Is a Scandal.
Totally unnecessary. So what was the purpose?
College girl writes a letter about how Obamacare is Killing her generation’s future.
CA goes full throttle on Abortions.
Now just about anyone can perform an abortion. Disgusting.
New Global Warming Study Predicts Disaster. Shocking right?
They aggregate all the flawed computer models and makes predictions that are obviously badly flawed. The OLD york Times reports it as fact. This is the Leftist religion. The are crapping all over actual science.
Europe Won’t Frack
Greens make it impossible. So they have to use more coal! Progressives HATE progress.

News behind the Lapdog media


Shutdown “Forces” Government Not to Pay Death Benefits to Families of Soldiers Killed
But does allow 400K DoD workers to return?
Thomas Friedman Knows What’s Best for Republicans
Yeah, let’s follow his advice.
Administration Knew Exchanges Weren’t Ready
But went ahead anyway.
Owners Refusal to Change Redskin Name Amounts to Harassment
See if you can figure this one out. I couldn’t.
Milbank: Snyder, You Racist. Sell the Team
Amazing how easily the Left ascribes the worst possible motives to people they don’t even know.
Snowden Leaks Severely Compromises MI6
And he’s hailed a hero?
NY School: No Risky Activity at Recess
No cartwheels, for examples.
ACLU Intimidates Rural Ohio School
Force them to take down portrait of Jesus that’s been up since Truman. This is what the ACLU lives for. Please note that they recently raised over $300M.

Dreadlock Discrimination
This is the new EEOC policy.

LAT Letters Editor: I Won’t Publish Letters Expressing Skepticism about Global Warming
Man-made catastrophic global warming is a fact as in the earth is round is a fact. So, how could I possibly publish a letter doubting it? The people are deranged. It’s their religion. They are green gone wild fanatics.,0,871615.story

The NEWS behind The LAPDOG media's Presidential Petting.

October 4th 2013

Harry Reid Won’t Allow Parks to Reopen.
He says he won’t let Republicans pick and choose what they can spend money on. But isn’t that what he is doing?
Krauthammer: The Democrats Created This Impasse. 
With their incredible hubris. An excellent summation of the issue.
Crazed Women Drives to Drive Her Car onto White House Grounds and Is killed by police. She was driving with her 18 month child.
Media Finds a Young Person Who Actually Signed Up for ObamaCare.
21 years old sucker. His premium is  much higher than it would have been had he bought through private Internet insurance site.
Yossi: Meir Didn’t Order a Pre-emptive Strike Because She Worried about Washington’s Reaction
A lesson can be learned here. 
NYC Opera Files for Bankruptcy
A changing culture and pension obligations combined to kill it.
N Korea Restarts its Nuke Reactor
Do you think Kim fears Obama after Syria ?
How Did the Networks Cover the IPCC report
Just as you’d expect, a LAPDOG looking for power pets. 
What Happens when Govt Shuts Down?
Weird stuff happens. Because it’s so massive that no one really knows how it works.
Kenyan Mall Looted by Soldiers