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How Republican Presidents Portrayed In T.V. and Movies

How Republican Presidents Portrayed In T.V. and Movies

Food For Thought

Have fictional republican Presidents or administrations on TV or in Movies Ever Positively portrayed?

Every fictional president shown in a Good light That comes to my mind  has been a democrat.

I cannot recall a single instance where a Republican/Conservative president has been positively portrayed.

There are frequent instances where fictional republican presidents or…

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Old Earth Theology

Story by David Mcgee on October 1, 2014  At Answers in Genesis

A major shift in thinking seems to be occurring in contemporary evangelical thinking. Southern Baptists overwhelmingly rejected the views of nineteenth century liberal Southern Baptist professors in favor of a literal translation of Genesis. Now, however, this debate may not be so one-sided among Southern Baptists. Within the current…

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This article first appeared in the 5 November 2011 issue of “On Fire” magazine, one of the Salvation Army’s publications.

Every writer dreams that they will create a character that will capture their reader’s imagination, and endure. But when, in 1932, two young Jewish-American comic book writers came up with an idea for a new superhero, they could not have imagined that it would not only outlive…

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Rise Up, O Men of God

Rise Up, O Men of God

The fact that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever should give us all strength and confidence to be bold in the name of Christ. These hymn lyrics are a great reminder of how all believers, not just men, ought to be “done with lesser things” in order to more fully pursue the service of Jesus, our King of kings. Rise up, O men of God

Rise up, O men of God!
Have done with lesser things.

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